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Two New Acquisitions to Support Premier Tech Expansion

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Premier Tech is pleased to announce two new international acquisitions, both completed within a few days of each other. In fact, on July 1 of this year, its Industrial Equipment Group (IEG) completed a first acquisition in France, while its Environmental Technologies Group (ETG) acquired the second in India in July 11.

Strengthening its presence in the French market, the IEG Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) Business Unit will integrate the operations of A.C.P. System S.A.R.L., located in the region of Brittany, France. Specialized in the design and installation of bagging lines, this acquisition will thus help PTC to affirm its leadership position and double its technical support team to provide better support to its customers in France.

Premier Tech has also acquired a majority shareholding position in Brisanzia Technologies Pvt, Ltd., a company located in Delhi, India. Offering a complete range of products and services in water management, this company will be integrated with ETG, thus creating a new Business Unit, Premier Tech Brisanzia. Already well established and recognized in India for the past five years, ETG will continue its development in municipal and residential markets, while strengthening its deployment in the commercial, community, institutional and industrial (CCII) markets, thanks to this new joint venture.

An action in line with Premier Tech's vision for expansion

As a result of a strong, organic growth and acquisitions as the ones mentioned above, Premier Tech succeeded in increasing its sales to 50.2 million dollars ($M) in the last year; $38.2M was attributable to organic growth and $12M to acquisitions completed during the year. The company's sales thus reached a new peak of close to $725M!

Looking ahead to 2023, Premier Tech is able to experience the relevance of foundation for its growth model: sustained investments in innovation, strict implementation of its strategic planning and a specific program for company acquisitions, while maintaining strong ties with its Values and Culture. By building on these four growth levers, the Premier Tech team members were able to provide continued improvement of business and financial performance, allowing the company to maintain a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5% since 1990.

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