Medias Kit

The following visual elements, which are part of Premier Tech’s signature, are intended for the production of media materials relating to the company and can be used on all platforms (print, Web, etc.).

All questions or requests relating to the visual elements provided by Premier Tech, including requests for obtaining our product logos, can be sent to the following

Horticulture and Agriculture Group
Packaging and Material Handling Group
Water Treatment Group
Premier Tech Campus,


The Premier Tech visual identification is an integral part of its communications tools, as it allows the company to project a uniform image.

It illustrates the strength, know-how and stability of the company and its Business Units. Moreover, it aims at translating the Culture and Values that put the Premier Tech team in motion.


Color Code

Blue Pantone 282 is the official color of the logo; it is an integral part of Premier Tech’s visual identification.

It is important to comply with the following color codes rather than with those of the electronic publishing software.

Pantone: PMS 282
Process (Quadrichromic):
Cyan: 100
Magenta: 68
Black: 54
Electronic media (RGB): 0 - 33 - 71
Hexadecimal code: # 002147

Logo Clear Space

A minimum area is required around the logo so that it can always be clearly distinguishable from the surrounding elements. This space must always be kept clear of any graphic element.

It is forbidden to modify the elements and proportions of the Premier Tech logo.

Do Not:

Apply a white visual identification over a background that isn’t blue Pantone 282.

Apply the blue Pantone 282 logo on a dark background.

Apply the logo over a picture that makes it hard to read.

These logos are trademarks of Premier Tech Ltd. and are protected under intellectual property laws. Please use them correctly by complying with our Trademark Guidelines.